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Pat Jordan

8 articles

An Idiot in Exile

Johnny Damon, after baseball.


His Own Path

Race and major league pitcher Chris Archer.


Thin Mountain Air

How pitching phenom Steve Carlton became a yoga-loving conspiracy theorist who calls a concrete bunker his home.


How Samuel L. Jackson Became His Own Genre

A profile of the hardworking Samuel L. Jackson, whose movies have grossed more than any actor’s ever.


Inside Marilyn Chambers

A profile of a porn star on trial.


Evel Never Dies

A portrait of an ailing Evel Knievel.


Chasing Jose

What one learns about Jose Canseco while trying, unsuccessfully, to interview Jose Canseco.


What I Learned from My Father, The Grifter

“My father didn’t believe in things that were a reminder of the past because he had never had things in the past, and, more important, he had never had a past—not a past that mattered, that should be passed on to me, his son.”


Roger Clemens Refuses to Give Up

Long before he lied about taking steroids and was indicted for perjury, Clemens was just a good ol’ boy from Texas with a world-class workout regimen.