Renata Adler

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Fly Trans-Love Airways

Rebellious teens on the Sunset Strip.

Reprinted by Longform and available online in full for the first time, this article also appears in Adler's new collection, After the Tall Timber.


The Perils of Pauline

One famous critic (Adler) takes another (Pauline Kael) to task for a collection of reviews that is “without Kael- or Simon-like exaggeration, not simply, jarringly, piece by piece, line by line, and without interruption, worthless.”


Decoding The Starr Report

Ripping out the guts of an “utterly preposterous document”: the Starr Report on the Monica Lewinsky scandal.


Letter from Selma

A voting rights march, from Selma to the statehouse in Montgomery, Alabama.


A Court Of No Appeal

How one obscure sentence upset the New York Times.