Robert Sanchez

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How the Gold King Mine Spill Threatens the Navajo Nation

Last August, contaminated water escaped from an abandoned mine in Colorado and traveled down the Animas River to Shiprock, the second-largest city in the Navajo Nation. Two weeks later, the EPA declared the sludge-filled river safe.


The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of Terrance Roberts

A respected anti-gang crusader shoots and paralyzes another man.



Will LaFever never felt right in the world. So he took to the Utah desert, barely making it out alive.



A man tries to rebuild his life after killing four people in a car crash.


The Fire Next Door

A chronicle of the 2010 wildfire that burned down 169 homes in Colorado, told via the people who lived through it.


Anatomy of a Murder

In 1960, beer heir Adolph Coors III was kidnapped and murdered. A look back at the crime and the man who committed it.