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Stephen Rodrick

7 articles

Robert Redford's Restless Solitude

“The only problem is he was so successful that Hollywood decided to devour his Xanadu, with premium vodka parties and assistants scouring the Park City Albertsons for Fiji water. ‘It makes me fucking nuts,’ says Redford.”


Serena Williams: The Great One

The best women’s tennis player of all-time opens up.


A Pilot's Son, Flying Solo

A son’s memory of the father he lost at 13, excerpted from The Magical Stranger.


Dead Man's Float

He was a hedge-funder with a coke problem. She liked to drink and was thrice-divorced before they got married. When the police arrived, she was clutching his dead body in the shallow end of their pool. She would soon be accused of murder—not by the cops, but her Internet psychic.


God & Worshipper: A Rock-and-Roll Love Story, of Sorts

He’s their hero, but he’s also their soulmate, the one person in the world who understands them. That’s why Stephen Wesley and the legions of fans like him can’t get enough of the Mountain Goats. And that burden is crushing Darnielle.

On the passionate relationship between fans and John Danielle of the Mountain Goats.


Martin Peretz Is Not Sorry About Anything

A primer on Peretz, longtime owner/editor of The New Republic, committed Zionist, and author of the line “Muslim life is cheap.”