Tony Judt

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Bring Back the Rails! [Part 2]

“It is simply not possible to envision any conceivable modern, urban-based economy shorn of its subways, its tramways, its light rail and suburban networks, its rail connections, and its intercity links.”


The Glory of the Rails [Part 1]

“The world before the railways appeared so very different from what came afterward and from what we know today because the railways did more than just facilitate travel and thereby change the way the world was seen and depicted. They transformed the very landscape itself.”


Girls! Girls! Girls!

Tony Judt on sex, the academy, and dating a graduate student while chairing NYU’s History Department.



Tony Judt on his own amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and the experience of being “left free to contemplate at leisure and in minimal discomfort the catastrophic progress of one’s own deterioration.”