The Ponzi State

“Florida, in some ways, resembles a modern Ponzi scheme. Everything is fine for me if a thousand newcomers come tomorrow. The problem is…no one knew what would happen if they stopped coming.”

Saturday, February 6


The Plot to Steal the Color White From DuPont

How Walter Liew stole titanium white from DuPont on behalf of the Chinese government.

Wednesday, February 3


Panty Raid

“She is a tech bro — except she’s a woman, trying to sell underwear. Or, as she sees it, innovating in the ‘period space.’” A profile of Miki Agrawal, founder of Thinx.

Monday, February 1


The Bouvier Affair

How an art shipper took advantage of the market’s opaque rules and shadowy deal-making to rip off a Russian oligarch.

Wednesday, January 27


He's the Best

“On paper, [DJ Khaled] doesn't make a whole lot of sense. He's released eight full-length albums but doesn't actually rap on any of them. He's perhaps the most quoted figure in hip-hop, able to create viral catch phrases with an ease that marketing executives dream about. He's played a serious role in the hip-hop industry throughout his career, yet he's perceived almost exclusively as a meme by fans across the nation.”

Monday, January 25


The Epic Fail of Hollywood’s Hottest Algorithm

According to the trades and his pitch to investors, Ryan Kavanaugh had found film business formula that couldn’t lose. It could. Unraveling a Tinseltown Ponzi scheme.

Saturday, January 23


The Big Cow Con

Arno Smit bilked millions out of Tulare County dairy workers (and at least one wealthy widow). Then he disappeared.

Friday, January 22


The Last Days of Target Canada

The inside story of Target’s brief, disastrous expansion north.

Thursday, January 14


Wenner's World

How a hanger-on at the fringe of San Francisco’s rock scene built the Rolling Stone empire.

Saturday, January 9


Betting on the Blind Side

Sitting alone in his San Jose office, Michael Burry saw the bubble in the subprime-mortgage market before anyone else. So he convinced Wall Street to let him bet on it, even though few were betting on him. The article that became The Big Short.

Thursday, January 7


No Accident

After Brooke Melton died in a car crash, her parents approached attorney Lance Cooper to investigate. What he found in her 2005 Chevy Cobalt would lead to GM’s 30 million-vehicle recall.

Sunday, December 20


The Mystery of India’s Deadly Exam Scam

The bribery scandal, involving tests given for coveted government jobs and medical school admissions, began implicating high-ranking officials. Then people started turning up dead.