Dab Artists

Inside the world of “Wooks,” the loner-craftsmen behind the coming marijuana-concentrate boom.

Thursday, April 23


Trapped Into Selling Magazines Door-to-Door

Inside the abusive practices of magazine-subscription sub-contractors.

Friday, April 17


The Trader in the Wild

Kate Matrosova was a classic overachiever and, at 32, had everything to live for. Still she set out alone into the mountains of New Hampshire—and a deadly storm.

Wednesday, April 15


Secrets of the Tax-Prep Business

How pop-up tax preparers make billions off the poor.

Tuesday, April 7


The Assistant Economy

Nowadays, the young and privileged view un- and under-paid assistantships as the road to a successful creative career. Are they deluding themselves?

Monday, April 6


Sugar Days

The sugar beet harvest in North Dakota draws a modern version of the American hobo.

Friday, April 3


Level 14

A home for troubled children in California comes undone.

Sunday, March 29


The Deadly Global War for Sand

Paleram Chauhan, a 52-year-old Indian farmer, was shot dead during the summer of 2013. The reason: his opposition to a gang of criminals stealing his village’s sand to sell on the black market.

Saturday, March 28


The Shut-In Economy

There are two roles to play in the new world of on-demand everything: royalty or servant.

Sunday, March 22


For Hardee’s Workers, It’s Not a Parable, It’s a Job

Fast food used to be a transitional, temporary work. In Creston, Iowa, it has become a career.

Friday, March 20


Death, Redesigned

A few Silicon Valley executives are experimenting with mortality. “I don’t want death to be such a downer,” says one.

Thursday, March 19


The Miami Connection

Billionaire Marcelo Claure wants to help David Beckham bring professional soccer to South Florida. He just doesn't want to talk about it.