Wednesday, May 4


Inside the Unregulated Chinese Hospitals That Make Men Impotent

Four men stood on the edge of the Shenzhen Health and Family Planning Commission, threatening to jump in protest. They referred to themselves as “China’s 21st century eunuchs,” damaged by medically-dubious surgeries.

Sunday, May 1


A Leak Wounded This Company. Fighting the Feds Finished It Off.

The Federal Trade Commission has brought more than 60 cases related to data security against businesses. Only one has refused to settle.

Friday, April 29


Fear This Man

David Vincenzetti says his company, which sells spyware to world’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies, is helping to thwart terrorism. Others say it’s a danger to citizens, dissidents, and journalists alike.

Wednesday, April 27


How Uber Conquered London

There are 1.7 million active Uber riders in London, about half the daily ridership of the Tube. Three years ago, there were 5,000.

Tuesday, April 26


Hot Mess

How 2-minute noodles became a half-billion dollar debacle for Nestlé in India.

Monday, April 25


When Bitcoin Grows Up

Money is an idea that we all agree to believe in.

Friday, April 15


The Battle Over the Sea-Monkey Fortune

It involves a former 1960s bondage film actress, a Jewish neo-Nazi, the husband of the speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives, and a whole lot of creative marketing.

Tuesday, April 12


Secrets of the Tax-Prep Business

How pop-up tax preparers make billions off the poor.

Monday, April 11


The Untouchables

A brazen land grab in Zimbabwe and why it’s getting harder to stop multinational corporations.

Friday, April 8


Car Trouble

Inside the lucrative, predatory, booming world of subprime car loans.

Tuesday, April 5


The CEO of Hamilton Inc.

A profile of Broadway producer Jeffrey Seller, whose show makes more than $500,000 in profit every week.

Monday, April 4


Crowd Source

On a company that provides fake paparazzi, pretend campaign supporters, and counterfeit protesters on demand.