Tuesday, May 12


‘I Put in White Tenants’

The grim, racist methods of a New York City landlord.

Monday, May 11


Who Funds the Future?

Inside the mind of Marc Andreessen.

Sunday, May 10


How the Bay Area's Last Slaughterhouse Dodged the Axe

On keeping the place where ethically raised animals are killed open.

Saturday, May 9


The Man Who Broke the Music Business

A CD plant employee ushered in the modern era of music piracy by teaming up with a shadowy “Scene” crew on IRC chat.

Friday, May 8


I Was an Undercover Uber Driver

Uber says its drivers can earn as much as $90,000. The author decided to fact-check that number the only way she could: by becoming a driver herself.

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Wednesday, May 6


Craps and Cryogenics

How an eccentric industrialist bought Atlantic City’s shuttered Revel casino at a firesale price with a goal to turn it into a “life-extension facility.”



An inside look at how an ad agency sells a car in 2015.

Jessica Pressler on the Longform Podcast

Tuesday, May 5


Lusitania: The Epic Battle Over Its Biggest Mystery

Gregg Bemis is an 87-year-old retired venture capitalist who owns the salvage rights to the Lusitania. He’s determined to prove an alternate theory as to why the ship was attacked in 1915. Unfortunately, the Irish government isn’t so into his plan.

Friday, May 1


Maple Syrup Rebellion

“Quebec is the Saudi Arabia of maple syrup,” and it has the authoritarian regulatory regime to prove it.

Thursday, April 30


ZPM Espresso and the Rage of the Jilted Crowdfunder

What happens when a successfully funded Kickstarter product fails to launch?

Wednesday, April 29


The Boxer and the Batterer

An essay on Floyd Mayweather Jr. as both.