Sunday, January 25


The Billionaire's Bad Dream

Nearing the end of his career, a Canadian tycoon named Michael DeGroote went for one last deal, investing $100 million to build a Las Vegas in the Dominican Republic. His partners? Two brothers with a criminal past, a con man and an old friend with close ties to the mob.

Friday, January 23


'That's Not All!' Kevin Trudeau, The World’s Greatest Salesman, Makes One Last Pitch

A profile of the best-selling author, self-help guru and convicted felon.

Friday, January 16


California Goes Nuts

It takes a gallon of water to grow a single almond. Yet in drought-ravaged California, hedge funds are racing to plant as many new trees as they can.

Wednesday, January 14


A Wild Goose Chase

A Georgia chicken farmer hoped to find financial independence in ethical foie gras. Things got weird.

Monday, January 12


A City Run by Children

The theme-park chain where kids learn to pilot a plane, pay taxes, and pretend to be adults.

Sunday, January 11


The Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills

Cheryl Shuman has been a coupon queen, an optician to the stars and the plaintiff in a lawsuit against Steven Segal. Now she’s the face of the high-end weed market.

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Saturday, January 10


Mainline Street

What does it take for heroin to grab hold in the small, remote towns of America? Like any business, it starts with one man and an entrepreneurial dream.

Thursday, January 8


To the Office, With Love

What do we give up when we become freedom-seeking, self-determining, autonomous entrepreneurs? A lot, actually.

Wednesday, January 7


What Happened When Marissa Mayer Tried to Be Steve Jobs

The inside story of how Yahoo’s C.E.O. lost her way.

Monday, January 5


The Bling Dynasty

An army of Western luxury-lifestyle purveyors flock to China to teach the country’s new billionaires how to act rich.


Genius Idea

Can a company best known for explaining Kanye West lyrics and telling Warren Buffett to do unseemly things actually annotate the world?


Big Mother Is Watching You

The promises and pitfalls of self-tracking devices and apps.

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