Posted on Oct 24, 2012

Longform Podcast #13: Adrian Chen

Adrian Chen is a staff writer at Gawker and editor at The New Inquiry.

"I've never written a magazine feature. [My writing is] similar, in that I try to bring in the bigger issues, and not just, you know, be funny or tell a sensational story. But I think it's also kind of rough and sketchy in the way that blog posts are. Longform blog writing is like, I don't spend a long time editing or looking it over. It's like, just type as fast as you can and try to cram all of your research in, and then it goes up."

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Show notes:

  1. @adrianchen
  2. "Unmasking Reddit’s Violentacrez, the Biggest Troll on the Web" (Gawker • Oct 2012)
  3. "The Long, Fake Life of J.S. Dirr" (Gawker • Jun 2012)
  4. "Finding Goatse: The Mystery Man Behind the Most Disturbing Internet Meme in History" (Gawker • Apr 2012)
  5. "The Mercenary Techie Who Troubleshoots for Drug Dealers and Jealous Lovers" (Gawker • Jan 2012)
  6. The New Inquiry