Posted on Apr 29, 2015

Longform Podcast #139: Andy Greenwald

Andy Greenwald covers television for Grantland.

“People are enthusiastic about TV. People want to read about it. They want to talk about it. They want to know more. They want to extend its presence in their lives. People used to talk about the water cooler show, but the internet is that water cooler now and people want to be part of the conversation.”

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Show Notes:

  1. @andygreenwald
  2. Greenwald's Grantland archive
  3. [26:00] "The Bottom of the Glass: Legacy and the Last Season of ‘Mad Men’" (Grantland • Apr 2015)
  4. [28:00] "‘Hollywood Prospectus Podcast’: ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ and ‘Batman v Superman’" (Grantland • Apr 2015)
  5. [30:00] "‘Empire’ Records: Fox’s New Music-Mogul Drama Embraces Its Soapy Heart" (Grantland • Jan 2015)
  6. [33:00] "Marco … YOLO! Why Netflix Spent $90 Million on Its (Terrible) New Series" (Grantland • Dec 2014)
  7. [40:00] Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and EMO (St. Martin's Griffin • 2003)
  8. [41:00] Miss Misery (Simon Spotlight Entertainment • 2005)