Posted on Nov 20, 2012

Longform Podcast #17: Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis is a contributing editor at Wired and author of the new ebook John McAfee's Last Stand.

"This is a pretty unique situation [for me]. Never has a multimillionaire tech pioneer gone on the lam for a murder and called me from hiding. Yeah, this is a first."

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Show notes:

  2. Davis on Longform
  3. @joshuadavisnow: On Twitter, Davis continues to report the McAfee story as it unfolds
  4. John McAfee's Last Stand (Kindle Single)
  5. Read an excerpt from John McAfee's Last Stand
  6. "The Hinterland": McAfee's blog, which he is updating while on the run
  7. "The World’s Biggest Diamond Heist" (Wired • Mar 2009)
  8. "High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas" (Wired • Feb 2008)