Posted on Apr 24, 2013

Longform Podcast #38: Ted Conover

Ted Conover is the author of five books and the recent Harper's article "The Way of All Flesh."

"My identity is a rubber band. It can stretch that way and it can stretch this way. When I get home it goes mostly back into the shape it's been, but not completely. And it's that not completely that is interesting and makes me who I am."

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Show notes:

  2. Interview Transcript
  3. Personal Archive
  4. [1:00] "The Way of All Flesh" (Harper's • April 2013)
  5. [3:30] "Power Steer" (Michael Pollan • New York Times Magazine • March 2002)
  6. [15:00] Coyotes: A Journey Across Borders with America's Illegal Migrants (1987)
  7. [33:30] "Enter the Chicken" (Burkhard Bilger • Harper's • March 1999)
  8. [34:00] Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing (2000)
  9. [36:15] The Routes of Man: Travels in the Paved World (2011)
  10. [42:30] "A Snitch's Dilemma" (New York Times Magazine • July 2012)
  11. [49:00] Rolling Nowhere: Riding the Rails with America's Hoboes (1984)