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The Rise and Fall of the Bombshell Bandit

How a 24-year-old nurse discovered Vegas, high-stakes gambling, and serial bank robbery.

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My Evil Dad: Life As A Serial Killer’s Daughter

“‘Why does my dad have duct tape by his pillow?’”


The Uncatchable

He’s spent decades dodging the law. He’s escaped from jail twice by helicopter. He’s given millions to the poor. The story of how Vassilis Paleokostas, Greece’s most wanted man, became a folk hero.


The Reykjavik Confessions

Why six people admitted roles in two murders they most likely didn’t commit.


How the Secret Police Tracked My Childhood

The author relives her Romanian youth and the imprisonment of her father through the Securitate files kept on her family.


Arms Wide Open

The battle for Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Cristo Redentor statue.


The Sanitary Pad Revolutionary

How a man of little education and little means invented a simple machine that changed the lives of women in rural India.


Digging for Their Lives

With up to four million World War II soldiers considered missing in action on the Eastern front, a group of Russian volunteers vows to unearth, identify and properly bury their remains.


How to Kill a Rational Peasant

On Jack Idema, a con-man who once ran a pet hotel before reinventing himself as a black-ops secret agent in Afghanistan, and the history of counterinsurgency theory.