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Inhaling the Spore

A trip to the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles.


I Am Your Conscious, I Am Love

“A paean 2 Prince.”


Emerald Sea

Jay Miscovich spent his life wanting to hunt for treasure. In 2010, after just a few months of trying, he found half a billion dollars worth of emeralds at the bottom of the Atlantic. A few years later he killed himself.


Jingo Unchained

Mexican wrestling’s all-American villain.

Excerpted from Everyone Leaves Behind a Name, a collection of work by journalist Michael Brick, who died in February at the age of 41. Proceeds from the book go to Brick's wife and children.


The Radioactive Boy Scout

A suburban teen attempts to build a reactor, radioactivity ensues.


The Ultimate Terrorist Factory

Letters from a jailed French jihadi.


In Praise of Idleness

An argument for working less.


When I Die

A doctor who helped pioneer Oregon’s Death With Dignity law receives his own terminal diagnosis.


Rotten Ice

Traveling by dogsled in the melting Arctic.


The Mother of All Questions

On the stories we tell ourselves about happiness and the indecent questions we ask women who decided not to become moms.


The Lost Buddhas of Bamiyan

Picking up the pieces in Afghanistan.

We reprinted this article on Longform to help raise money for the Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award, which in our friend Matt's memory will fund promising young writers to bring forward unreported stories of importance from overlooked corners of the world. Please donate today.


Lost Girls

The writer’s relationship with two Moroccan prostitutes.