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Friend of the Devil

The writer reconnects with an old acquaintance who ten years earlier committed one of the most notorious crimes in New York history.


The Murder House

What really happened at 2475 Glendower Place.


A Train to Bangladania

How an Italian businessman facing fraud charges and a Brazilian politician turned a billion dollar project to build the high speed Rio-São Paulo rail line into a farce.


The New Normal

Scenes of grief, from the sister of comedian Harris Wittels.


Without Faith, Without Law, Without Joy

Three brothers, imprisoned and hunted by a cruel knight.

"Who am I? I do not know how he changed our names. But in this world of lions and giants and the blinding shine of armor, I am called Joyless, as if it were a name."


The Gadget and the Burn

A pair of hardware hackers bond and brainstorm.

"I grabbed a corner and walked backward. The box was heavy, but it was mostly just huge, and when we reached his beat-up minivan, he kicked the tailgate release and then laid it down like a bomb-disposal specialist putting a touchy IED to sleep. He smacked his hands on his jeans and said, 'Thanks, man. That lens, you wouldn’t believe what it’s worth.' Now that I could see over the top of the box, I realized it was mostly padding, layers of lint-free cloth and bubblewrap with the lens in the center of it all, the gadget beneath it. "


Life Atop Ground Zero

The rebirth of the World Trade Center.


The Ambush at Sheridan Springs

How Gary Gygax, a semi-employed shoe repairman, built and lost the Dungeons & Dragons empire.


The American Room

Behind the nation’s closed doors, with YouTube.


Secrets of the Stacks

How CREW and MUSTIE decide what books stay in a library's circulation.

Excerpted from The Shelf.


The Great Works of Software

In appreciation of meaningful, ubiquitous, enduring applications.

Previously: Paul Ford on the Longform Podcast.