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Philadelphia Magazine

17 articles

Birdie Africa: The Lost Boy

What happened to the only child who survived the 1985 MOVE bombing.


Has Carl June Found a Key to Fighting Cancer?

The long road to a potential breakthrough.


Thin Mountain Air

How pitching phenom Steve Carlton became a yoga-loving conspiracy theorist who calls a concrete bunker his home.


Boo-Boos in Paradise

Fact-checking David Brooks.



An investigation into how a 19-year-old college freshman ended up buried in a landfill.


It's a Wawa World

Inside the cult appeal of the hit convenience mart/gas station Wawa.


Catholics in Crisis

An investigation into clergy sexual abuse in Philadelphia.


Who Killed Ellen Andros?

A woman is killed. Her husband is accused. A famous/infamous medical examiner investigates.

What’s going on here isn’t just science. It’s something deeper, something stranger, something at the same time both terrifying and fascinating.


The Town That Burned Itself Down

For 18 months, Coatesville, Penn., was besieged with an improbable number of arsons.  But who started the fires – and why?


Body Snatchers

Intended for cremation, 244 bodies are instead harvested for organs and tissue. The story of the families of the dead, the men who profited off the scheme, and the unwitting recipients of black market body parts.


Allen Iverson: Fallen Star

A reporter heads to Istanbul, where Iverson is playing minor league hoops in a 3,200-seat arena and hanging out at T.G.I. Friday’s.


Dead Man Talking

Brian Hickey, a journalist who was induced into a coma after being left for dead following a hit and run accident, reports the story of his recovery.