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The Unknown "Alex"

What we can learn from a secret comic strip.


The Borough Mystery: Dr William Kirwan

“Southwark’s petty thugs must have thought all their birthdays had come at once: a well-dressed toff stumbling round their borough in no state to defend himself, and with an alcoholic street whore as his only companion.”

Reconstructing a mysterious 1892 London murder.


Infectious: Tom Dooley

On the 1866 murder of Laura Foster and the subsequent hanging of Tom Dula.


Stagger Lee

Reverse engineering the details of a murder that took place in St. Louis on Christmas Night in 1895 from over a century of popular song.



A clue-filled children’s book, a golden hare, and Britain’s greatest treasure hunt.


Cigarettes and Alcohol: Andy Capp

“Reg Smythe was the greatest British newspaper strip cartoonist of the 20th Century – and second only to Peanuts’ Charles Schulz on a global scale. So why don’t we treat him that way?”