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16 articles

Celebrity Rabbi, Heal Thyself

Who is Shmuley Boteach, former reality TV star and author of Kosher Sex?


Q&A With Art Spiegelman, Creator of ‘Maus’

“And the Holocaust trumps art every time.”


Dead Sea Scrolls Go to Court

A scholarly dispute devolves into criminal impersonation.


Panic in Jerusalem

A community says its children are being targeted by a group of pedophiles. But did widespread sexual abuse actually take place?


The Doctor And The Rabbi

A doctor and a rabbi try to find ways to understand the world, and God, and one another.

"The rabbi pulled out some books. She talked about Jacob wrestling the angel. She talked about Heschel and the kernel of wonder as a seedling that could grow into awe. She tugged at her braid and told a Hasidic story about how at the end of one's life, it is said that you will need to apologize to God for the ways you have not lived."


Gay Marriage’s Jewish Pioneer

Meet Faygele ben Miriam, the radical activist “beyond the leading edge” of the same-sex marriage fight.


Country Music's Sparkle King

A profile of fashion designer Nudie Cohn, who made clothing for Elvis, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, and others.


David Horowitz Is Homeless

Horowitz went from the New Left to the far right. Now neither side wants him.


St. Leonard’s Passion

Leonard Cohen’s 2 A.M. set at the disastrous Isle of Wight festival, 1970.


Q&A: Edward Luttwak

Edward Luttwak is a rare bird whose peripatetic life and work are the envy of academics and spies alike. ...he published his first book, Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook, at the age of 26. Over the past 40 years, he has made provocative and often deeply original contributions to multiple academic fields, including military strategy, Roman history, Byzantine history, and economics.

Girls at War

On a group of teenage believers raised in settlements on the West Bank:

They say it takes one generation to found a new language. These girls are a new language, believing that they belong to the land on which they were born, and sponsored by the government they despise, which pays for their roads and electricity.


The Gentleman From Virginia

A profile of Republican Eric Cantor: six-term congressman, new House majority leader, highest-ranking Jewish elected official in American history.



The comeback of Marty Reisman, the most flamboyant figure in the history of table tennis, and the self-proclaimed greatest hardbat player ever.