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14 articles

Up, and Away

The author goes in search of his father’s days as a member of an elite club of sport parachutists.


The Spectacular Unraveling of Washington’s Favorite Shrink

How a once-lauded psychiatrist became a prolific prescriber of painkillers in one of Virginia’s poorest and most isolated counties.


This Is Danny Pearl’s Final Story

Investigating the murder of a friend and colleague.


Armey in Exile

Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe build the most powerful Tea Party organization in the country. Then a feud threatened to undo everything.


A King with No Country

The King of Rwanda is 76 years old, 7 feet 2 inches tall, and lives on public assistance in a small apartment in Virginia.


The Informant

A participant in a deadly shooting spree decides to snitch on his friends.


The Things They Leave Behind

Mementos left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the man in charge of cataloging them.


Remains of the Day

A wedding photographer catches up with his past clients.


Predator in the Ranks

Is a Marine responsible for a series of violent attacks against women?


Did Football Kill Austin Trenum?

Just days after suffering a concussion, a 17-year-old fullback hangs himself. Inside his family’s journey to learn if a brain injury is to blame.


The Passion of John Wojnowski

What would drive a man to stand outside the Vatican embassy nearly every day for 14 years?


How Do You Explain Gene Weingarten?

A profile of the eccentric Gene Weingarten, the only person to twice win the Pulitzer for feature writing.


Free John Hinckley

Reagan’s would-be assassin, 30 years later.


When the Boss Gets Busted: Survival Stories from the Front Lines of Political Scandal

Former Bob Ney, Mark Foley and William Jefferson underlings provide a street-level view of D.C. opprobrium.