Inside the Unregulated Chinese Hospitals That Make Men Impotent

Four men stood on the edge of the Shenzhen Health and Family Planning Commission, threatening to jump in protest. They referred to themselves as “China’s 21st century eunuchs,” damaged by medically-dubious surgeries.

Thursday, April 21


Even Sex Goddesses Get the Blues

The Cosmo editor and author of Sex and the Single Girl’s rocky real-life relationships.

Adapted from Not Pretty Enough: The Unlikely Triumph of Helen Gurley Brown.

Tuesday, March 22


Up Against the Centerfold

What it was like to report on feminism for Playboy in 1969.

Friday, March 11


A Marine's Convictions

After a flawed sexual assault investigation, a Naval Academy instructor made it his mission to prove he did nothing wrong. The discovery of a lost cell phone told a more complicated story.

Monday, March 7


Sweatpants in Paradise

The immersive mise en scène of a Hollister flagship store, redolent of California beach towns that don’t exist, “lazy, hygienic sexuality,” and weed.

Saturday, February 20


What Should We Say About David Bowie and Lori Maddox?

“Word choice is hard here. Should we say “raped” automatically if a grown man has sex with a teenager? Does it matter at all if the 15-year-old, now much older, describes their encounter as one of the best nights of her life? What is our word for a ‘yes’ given on a plane that’s almost vertically unequal? Does contemporary morality dictate that we trust a young woman when she says she consented freely, or believe that she couldn’t have, no matter what she says?”

Tuesday, February 16


Little Girl Lost

In a matter of months she became one of the world’s most famous porn stars. Three years later, she was dead. The rise and fall of Savannah.

Friday, February 12


Mr. (Swipe) Right?

After a year of tumult and scandal at Tinder, ousted founder Sean Rad is back in charge. Now can he — and his company — grow up?

Monday, January 25


The Sex Machine

The rise of the king of American swingers.

Wednesday, January 20


From Pickup Artist to Pariah

A small-town coffeeshop owner led a double life as a blogger and podcaster on the topic of “pickup artistry.” Then his identity, and his intimate writings about his experiences with 46 local women, was made public.

Monday, December 28


The Hustlers at Scores

They were an organized group of ex-strippers, plus a few role players recruited from Craigslist. They fished for marks in strip clubs, Wall Street cocktail bars, and even TGI Fridays, and then lured them to strip clubs. The marks woke up with little memory of the night before and their credit cards maxed out.