Friday, January 3


The Hidden Man

Capt. Stephen Hill became famous when he came out as a gay soldier during a 2011 GOP presidential debate. Here’s how he got to that point, and what happened after.

Tuesday, December 10


I Spent a Month Living In A Romanian Sexcam Studio

Life on the other side of the laptop.

Thursday, November 28


Basta Bunga Bunga

On Silvio Berlusconi’s hedonism.

Berlusconi is Italy’s waning Hugh Hefner, alternately reviled and admired for his loyalty to his own appetites—except that he’s supposed to be running the country.

Tuesday, November 12


Boy Next Door

Growing up in a Toronto suburb while a serial rapist is on the loose.

Monday, November 11

Friday, November 1


Should This Inmate Get a State-Financed Sex Change Operation?

The complicated case of Michelle Kosilek, a murderer fighting for sexual reassignment surgery.

Friday, October 25


The Stolen Ones

The underground economy of child sex trafficking, and what happens after someone is rescued from it.

Wednesday, October 16


My Life With the Thrill-Clit Cult

Investigating San Francisco’s OneTaste, which promises personal and professional success through the practice of orgasmic meditation.

Tuesday, October 15


Nights Out In a New Town

Traveling with a sex tourist to the Uzbek city of Tashkent. Excerpted from the forthcoming book If It's Monday It Must Be Madurai.

Thursday, October 10


Saturday, October 5


Cockblocked by Redistribution

A self-published author of pick-up guides visits the “pacifist nanny state” of Denmark and finds the social safety interferes with his seduction strategies.

Saturday, September 28


Risk and Romance Among NBA Groupies: An Embed’s Report

Sex in the NBA in the wake of Magic Johnson’s HIV announcement.