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The Trials of Ed Graf

The tale of the first conviction overturned on faulty arson science.


Playing with Fire

The flawed science that helped convict a Tennessee man of murder.


The Prosecutor and the Snitch

In 2004, Cameron Todd Willingham was executed for starting a fire that killed his three daughters. The case hinged on the testimony of a jailhouse informant named Johnny E. Webb. Today, Webb says he lied.

Previously: "Trial By Fire," David Grann's 2009 article on the Willingham case.


Letters From an Arsonist

Thomas Sweatt torched D.C. for decades and was finally jailed for killing one person. During a year-long correspondence from prison with a reporter, he confessed there were more.


Love and Fire

Serial arson in rural Virginia: a love story.

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Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream

On Lucille Miller, who in San Bernadino in 1964 was convicted of burning her husband to death in his Volkswagen.



From prison, a member of the Earth Liberation Front tells her story.


The Town That Burned Itself Down

For 18 months, Coatesville, Penn., was besieged with an improbable number of arsons.  But who started the fires – and why?


Church Burners

Early last year, 10 churches were torched in East Texas. The culprits? Two Baptist teens having a crisis of faith.


Trial By Fire

The arson case that may have led Texas to execute an innocent man.