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Allegation Ends Coach's Career

A college football coach is falsely accused of producing and possessing child pornography.


The Price of a Stolen Childhood

Calculating restitution for victims of child pornography.


L.A. Pedophile Bust Dismantles International Child Porn Ring

How investigators nabbed a key member of a group called “Lost Boy.”


Crimes of the Art?

What happens when a decades old video, featuring the artist Larry Rivers’ prepubescent daughters bare-chested, is claimed both as child pornography and as an important part of the archive of a major American painter.


More Dispatches from the R. Kelly Trial

Featuring the debut of the “Ghost Sex Defense.”


Dispatches from the R. Kelly Trial

The “Shaggy Defense,” the “Little Man Defense,” and more—live from R. Kelly’s 2008 child pornography trial.