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Who Is Zwarte Piet?

A holiday tradition in the Netherlands involving blackface has sparked a debate about race, the legacy of slavery, and the vestiges of colonialism.


Trouble in Paradise

Pitcairn Island is impossibly remote, populated by descendants of a ship of British mutineers. Revelations that child molestation and rape had been a way of life for generations exposed them to the outside world.


One Small Store

Two men, separated by more than 150 years, discover the folly of attempting Western-style capitalism in Micronesia.


Raiders of the Congo

Two white security contractors set off into the remote interior. Within a week, a seemingly innocent man who crossed their path lay dead on the side of the road. The manhunt began.


On Tipping in Cuba

Colonialism, the convertible peso, and the strange dance between the cheap beach tourist and the tour guide tout.


The Death of a Civil Servant

An uneasy friendship forms in colonial Ceylon between the future husband of Virgina Woolf and a socially repulsive police magistrate.