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A Planet for Rent

Trials and dangers abound for an interplanetary social worker.

"The Planetary Tourism Agency always compensated the family members of the unlucky victims of dematerialization, giving the evergreen excuse that on Earth they didn’t have enough experience managing such advanced equipment, because extraterrestrial technicians were reluctant to train human crews to run teleport booths. Maybe there was a bit of truth in that. Surely newly trained human teletransport specialists would get off the planet as fast as they could: artists, scientists, athletes—they all ran from their birth world as soon as extraterrestrial credits made them understand where true happiness could be found."


Heroes for Sale

A final visit with late boxer Teófilo Stevenson, who could have fought or even been Muhammad Ali had he not stayed in Cuba.


The Death of Rodríguez

An execution in war-torn Cuba.


Escape from Cuba

Yasiel Puig’s journey to the Dodgers.


La Gran Fuga

The story of Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez’s flight from Cuba.


The 'Queen of Cuba'

Ana Montes was a decorated U.S. intelligence analyst. She was also a Cuban spy.


The Big Cigar

How Bert Schneider, a well-heeled Hollywood producer with a coke problem and a soft spot for radical politics, smuggled Huey Newton, the leader of the Black Panthers who was awaiting trial on a murder charge, into Cuba in 1974.


The Real Cuban Missile Crisis

A reassessment of the calm, cool JFK.


Where Is Cuba Going?

A nation’s uncertain future.


The Yankee Comandante

The story of William Morgan: American, wanderer, Cuban revolutionary.


On Tipping in Cuba

Colonialism, the convertible peso, and the strange dance between the cheap beach tourist and the tour guide tout.


Guantanamo: An Oral History

On Thanksgiving weekend, I received a phone call informing me that we had just captured approximately 300 al-Qaeda and Taliban. I asked all our assistant secretaries and regional bureaus to canvass literally the world to begin to look at what options we had as to where a detention facility could be established. We began to eliminate places for different reasons. One day, in one of our meetings, we sat there puzzled as places continued to be eliminated. An individual from the Department of Justice effectively blurted out, What about Guantánamo?

Who Killed Che?

He arrived in Bolivia in November 1966, disguised as a Uruguayan businessman. After desertions, drownings, and difficulty contacting their support group in La Paz, his small troop was surrounded the following October. The inside story of how they were found and destroyed.


Goodbye to All That

On the life and afterlife of Che Guevara.


The Cuban Grapevine

A visit to the new Havana.


Havana: The State Retreats

On the ground to witness Cuba’s last days:

“Either we rectify our course or the time for teetering along on the brink runs out and we go down. And we will go down…[with] the effort of entire generations.”—Raul Castro


The Boy from Gitmo

Depending on who you ask, Mohammed Jawad was either 12 or 17 when he was detained. Nobody disputes that he spent seven years at Guantánamo before he was exonerated. The story of a boy who grew up as a detainee.


Commie Ball: A Journey to the End of a Revolution

Guz Dominguez says he was trying to help baseball players from Cuba; the U.S. government says he was smuggling athletes. The truth is more complicated.