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A reclusive hacker wages a shadow war against payday loan cyber-extortioners.


The Zombie Hunters

Tracking cyberextortionists and their roving swarms of bots.


The Hacker Is Watching

In a dark echo of Rear Window, a wheelchair-bound hacker seizes control of hundreds of webcams, most of them aimed at young women’s beds.


Seagal Under Siege

Steven Seagal spent a few years in Japan and ¬†returned to open a dojo in L.A.. Jules Nasso was the wiseguy producer behind all of Seagal’s hits. When it all fell apart, Seagal reputedly offered money for a contract killing, and Nasso may have been caught on tape arranging to extort Seagal through the Gambino Family.


Sextortion at Eisenhower High

Step 1: awkward high school senior passes himself off as a flirtatious female student online. Step 2: he cons his male classmates into e-mailing him sexually explicit images of themselves. Step 3: extortion.