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Life’s Rich Pageant: Meet a Florida Man

The story of a young man, a lake with some fish, a compound bow and a very bad idea.


Bernard Went Fishing with Cicero

A narrator shares a philosophical discussion with the late orator.

"Cicero and I mounted a johnboat banked in the mud along this near finger of Mark Twain Lake. Neither of us wanted to do the shoving off. Our feet would have to get wet."


A Speck in the Sea

John Aldridge fell overboard in the middle of the night, 40 miles from shore, and the Coast Guard was looking in the wrong place. How did he survive?


The Last Days of Stealhead Joe

On the troubled, legendary Deschutes River fly-fishing guide.


A Fish Story

Trying to fix the Atlantic Ocean’s food chain.


The Gloucester Fish War

Law enforcement vs. local fishermen in Massachusetts.


The Castaways

Five Mexican fishermen head out with enough supplies for several days. They’re gone for nine months. A story of survival in the South Pacific.


The Frozen Ladder

Notes on a summer spent aboard an industrial fishing boat off the Alaskan coast.