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Get Gronk’d!

All aboard the maiden voyage Rob Gronkowski’s party cruise.

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Higher and Higher

Defensive end Shawn King was the 36th pick in the 1995 draft. His career with the Carolina Panthers didn’t turn out as planned.


The Joy of Cam Newton

A profile of the Carolina Panthers quarterback, this season’s likely MVP.


The Higher Power of Russell Wilson

On the quarterback everyone loves to hate.


How the Hero of Friday Night Lights Won and Lost His Good Name

Brian Chavez was supposed to be the one who made it out of Odessa. It didn’t turn out that way.

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The Banner Campaign

How a disgruntled group of University of Miami football fans got the head coach fired by flying insulting airplane banners high over Sun Life Stadium.


The Samoan Pipeline

How a tiny island 5,000 miles from the U.S. mainland has produced so many NFL players.


“Why Him, Why Me?”

The death of a high school football player and the life that has followed for the kid who made the hit.


Still Life

On October 17, 1973, John McClamrock was paralyzed playing high school football. Doctors doubted he would make it through the night. But he and his mother refused to give up—for more than three decades.


The State v. Robertson

How one woman’s sexual assault by four University of Oregon football players in 1980 unwittingly led to the state’s expansive free speech protections.


The Man Who Never Was

Todd Marinovich was engineered from birth to be the greatest quarterback of all time. He ended up doing heroin in the locker room. A 2010 National Magazine Award winner, reprinted on Longform.


How They Do in Oxford

Race and Ole Miss football.