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Down and Out at the Hotel Providence

Scenes from a Bowery flophouse.


The Inside Man

The triple life of G-Rock: upscale house painter, lifelong Crip, FBI informant.


“Today is May 13th, and Today You Graduate, and My Friends, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.”

In a speech that’s getting a bit of flak for recycling some of his past lines, the stage- and screenwriter says it’s okay to make mistakes along the way:

And make no mistake about it, you are dumb. You're a group of incredibly well-educated dumb people. I was there. We all were there. You're barely functional. There are some screw-ups headed your way. I wish I could tell you that there was a trick to avoiding the screw-ups, but the screw-ups, they're a-coming for ya. It's a combination of life being unpredictable, and you being super dumb.


"We know that in public life, as in personal life, nothing is more destructive of the self than being surrounded by sycophants."

The Mexican novelist and activist talks about the role that the US plays in the hemisphere, and a joint future for North and South America.

We need your memory and your imagination or ours shall never be complete. You need our memory to redeem your past, and our imagination to complete your future. We may be here on this hemisphere for a long time. Let us remember one another. Let us respect one another. Let us walk together outside the night of repression and hunger and intervention, even if for you the sun is at high noon and for us at a quarter to twelve.


Sponsored Post: "Nothing to Hem Them In"

New from 7STOPS: Donald Judd, Judge Roy Bean, and the impact each man had on his West Texas home.

Sponsored Post: "Nature Does Not Knock"

On the Brooklyn nature walk built alongside a sewage treatment plant.


Sponsored Post: "Suddenly Verbose"

New from 7STOPS: A profile of New York band The Books.

Zombies Are So Hot Right Now

On the fascination, from Hollywood to Atlanta, with zombies.