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old new york

7 articles

The Underground Press

On the mid-sixties birth of America’s underground newspaper movement and the rise of The Realist, East Village Other, Berkeley Barb, and more.


Interview: Geoffrey O'Brien

A conversation on the Times Square of the ’50s and ’60s.


My Lost City

When New York was perpetually on fire.


The (Chinese) Gangs of New York

Nicky Louie and the Ghost Shadows.


Welcome to the Monkey House

In 1906, Enrico Caruso was arrested for molesting a young woman inside the Monkey House of Central Park Zoo, paving the way for the first celebrity trial of the 20th century.


The Genesis of the Gang

Jacob Riis, writing in 1899, on how a childhood spent in New York City’s tenements led a 15-year-old boy to be convicted of murder.


A Jazz Age Autopsy

The lonesome death of Arnold Rothstein, notorious gambler, inspiration for a the character Meyer Wolfsheim in The Great Gatsby, alleged fixer of the 1916 World Series, opiate importation pioneer, mobster and Jew.