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Sponsored Post: "Nothing to Hem Them In"

New from 7STOPS: Donald Judd, Judge Roy Bean, and the impact each man had on his West Texas home.

Our Bella, Ourselves

Because women and girls don’t always kick ass, and neither should our heroines:

Bella Swan, by contrast, is a much more honest though cringe-inducing representation of adolescence. She doesn’t know who she is or what she wants. She’s clumsy, obtuse, and aggravating in her helplessness. She is also entirely internal, almost alienatingly so. One of my favorite passages from the novel New Moon is when Stephenie Meyer inserts a series of blank pages to stand in for the months that pass while Bella mourns — out of any reasonable proportion — Edward’s desertion. Bella, kind of wonderfully, takes her time.


Sponsored Post: "Nature Does Not Knock"

On the Brooklyn nature walk built alongside a sewage treatment plant.


Sponsored Post: "Suddenly Verbose"

New from 7STOPS: A profile of New York band The Books.