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The Deadly Consequences of Solitary With a Cellmate

Overcrowding in prisons leads to doubling up inmates in solitary confinement, regardless of their homicidal intentions or mental health.


From Gitmo to an American Supermax, The Horrors of Solitary Confinement

On the psychological damage punitive isolation inflicts upon Guantánamo and American prisoners alike.


Sixteen, Alone, 23 Hours a Day, in a Six-by-Eight-Foot Box

An investigation into the practice of putting teenagers in solitary confinement.


The Plot From Solitary

How four prisoners in solitary confinement launched the largest hunger strike in American history.


A Sentence Worse Than Death

The author on his 25 years in solitary confinement.


Solitary in Iran Nearly Broke Me. Then I Went Inside America's Prisons.

“For hours, days, I fixated on the patch of sunlight cast against my wall through those barred and grated windows. When, after five weeks, my knees buckled and I fell to the ground utterly broken, sobbing and rocking to the beat of my heart, it was the patch of sunlight that brought me back.”


The Gray Box

On solitary confinement:

"Two or three hundred years from now people will look back on this lockdown mania like we look back on the burning of witches."



Is long-term solitary confinement torture?


The Caged Life

In 2005, the prisoner who had set the U.S. penal system record for years in solitary confinement was moved to what’s called “the Alcatraz of the Rockies”—a jail in Colorado built just for him.