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The New Yorker

10 articles

The Last Amazon

On Wonder Woman’s feminist past.


The Eternal Paternal

On Bill Cosby’s complicated family life.


The Patron and the Panhandler

Fifty years after Joseph Mitchell published "Joe Gould's Secret" in The New Yorker, one last question about Gould—the identity of his anonymous benefactor—is answered.


The Letter

How Robert Gottlieb quelled a rebellion and saved The New Yorker.

Note: Elon Green is a contributing editor to Longform.


Smugged by Reality

On New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik.


The Last Gentleman

On New Yorker writer George W. S. Trow’s descent into madness.


The Buzz Factory

This past Memorial Day weekend, Steven T. Florio, the president and CEO of Conde Nast Publications, made a dramatic change at The New Yorker, the most illustrious of the 17 magazines he runs for billionaire S.I. "Si" Newhouse Jr. He fired his own brother.

John McPhee: The Art of Non-Fiction No. 3

An interview with McPhee on his writing process, how he got his start at The New Yorker, and why he never understood how New Journalism could be called a revolution. “Anytime I was called a New Journalist I winced a little with embarrassment.”


An Interview with David Remnick

“But the journalism itself is not free. It can’t be free. And if it is free, it’s not going to be very good.”


Making It Look Easy at the New Yorker

David Remnick, editor of the New Yorker, has written a new Obama biography expected to be a best-seller. His frugal streak has kept his staff intact. And yet, after a dozen years, he’s still the new guy at Condé Nast.