Anne Helen Petersen

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Hollywood's Forgotten Gossip Girl

Fifty years ago, Rona Barrett forged a Hollywood gossip empire. Then she left it all behind, her innovations attributed to others, her legacy almost entirely overlooked.

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“Now We’re A Hard Target”

Most of the country is trying to keep guns out of schools. A town in rural Idaho is taking the opposite approach.


The Keys To Enya's Kingdom

A trip to Enya’s castle in Ireland.


Eli Horowitz Wants to Teach You How to Read

A second act for the former head of McSweeney’s.


"That's What Happened Between Me and Clark"

Loretta Young, Clark Gable and the truth behind one of old Hollywood’s greatest scandals.


Big Mother Is Watching You

The promises and pitfalls of self-tracking devices and apps.

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The Down and Dirty History of TMZ

How a lawyer from the Valley created a gossip empire.


Angelina Jolie’s Perfect Game

How the actress masterfully shapes her public image.


Confidentially Yours

A history of the celebrity profile.


Jennifer Lawrence And The History Of Cool Girls

How Hollywood falls for actresses who “act like a dude but look like a supermodel” – and then changes its mind.


Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Ecstasy of Hedy Lamarr

“Let me say that again: Hedy Lamarr, arguably the most glamorous star of the pre-war period, also helped invent your cell phone and WiFi connection.”


The Rules of the Game

A history of the Hollywood publicity racket.