Caitlin Flanagan

6 articles

The Dark Power of Fraternities

An investigation into America’s Greek system.


The Autumn of Joan Didion

Didion’s genius is that she understands what it is to be a girl on the cusp of womanhood, in that fragile, fleeting, emotional time that she explored in a way no one else ever has. Didion is, depending on the reader’s point of view, either an extraordinarily introspective or an extraordinarily narcissistic writer. As such, she is very much like her readers themselves.

The Glory of Oprah

A profile of the talk queen.


The Madness of Cesar Chavez

On his legacy, his impact on California, and why “saints should be judged guilty until proven innocent.”


Confessions of a Prep School College Counselor

“I had inherited a Rolodex full of useful phone numbers (the College Board, a helpful counselor in the UCLA admissions office), but the number I kept handing out was that of a family therapist.”


The Hazards of Duke

On a Duke student’s now infamous Powerpoint presentation of her sexual history; binge-drinking, post-feminism, and Mario Kart.