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David Kushner

16 articles

Brain Games

The world’s leading scientists try to solve climate change.


The Geeks on the Front Lines

The battle between government and industry for America’s best hackers.


At Home at the End of Google Earth

Separated from his older brother at a train, five-year-old Saroo Munshi Khan found himself lost in the slums of Calcutta. In his 20s, living in Australia, he began his search for his birth home armed with nothing but hazy memories and Google Earth.



The curious case of SpongeBob SquarePants illustrator Todd White, three ninjas, and an art caper.


Machine Politics

A profile of 22-year-old hacker George Hotz, who in 2007 became the first person to successfully unlock the iPhone. A few years later, he became the first person to successfully hack the Playstation 3. And, shortly thereafter, he became the first person to get sued by Sony for it.


The Man Who Hacked Hollywood

How a lonely, self-taught hacker found his way into the private emails of movie stars – and into the underworld of the celebrity-skin business.


Undercover Anarchist

An undercover cop infiltrates a group of British activists, befriending and then betraying them.


Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto

The beginnings of the best-selling video game, from a chapter of David Kushner’s new book on the subject.


The Hacker Is Watching

In a dark echo of Rear Window, a wheelchair-bound hacker seizes control of hundreds of webcams, most of them aimed at young women’s beds.


Murder by Text

On the brutal killing of a high school girl in British Columbia.


The Autistic Hacker

As part of his obsessive search for evidence of UFOs, Gary McKinnon worked his way into thousands of government computers. The U.S. charged him with terrorism. Doctors diagnosed him with Asperger’s. And his lawyers started arguing a new version of the insanity defense.


The All-American Bank Heist

Having fallen on hard times, a former football star and the pride of his small town decides to rob the local bank. His weapons of choice: Craigslist, bear mace, and an inner tube.

A selection from our guide to bank heists for Slate.


I Was a Teenage Freak

Inside Gibsonton, Florida, the carny capital of the nation.


Like Minds

The story of two Canadian artificial intelligence visionaries who became bitter rivals and then both committed suicide in the same month.


Creating his 'Living World in a Box'

How the mind behind Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto plans to push gaming further.


The Boy Who Heard Too Much

Matthew Weigman was blind, overweight, 14 and alone. He could also do anything he wanted with a phone. Sometimes that meant calling Lindsay Lohan. Other times it meant sending a SWAT team to an enemy’s door.