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From Belief to Outrage: The Decline of the Middle Class Reaches the Next American Town

“Fast food and hedge funds. That’s where we’re going.”


'A Premature and Unnatural Death' in Rural Oklahoma

White women between 25 and 55 have been dying at accelerating rates over the past decade. Anna Marrie Jones was one.

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A Survivor's Life

Her 4th day of college was a mass shooting. Here is what life is like afterward.


“Why Him, Why Me?”

The death of a high school football player and the life that has followed for the kid who made the hit.


"You're One of Us Now"

A small town in Nebraska promised a warm welcome to a family of Katrina evacuees. It didn’t last.


Adrian Peterson's Suspended Reality

The running back’s life since he was indicted on charges of beating his son and suspended from the NFL.


Against His Better Judgment

A federal judge resents the harshness of mandatory drug sentences.


Town Waiting for an Eruption Found It After Firing Its First Black Police Officer

Gerry Pickens took a paycut to join the police department in tiny, overwhelmingly white Orting, Washington. Fired less than a year later, he’s now suing the town for enough to break it.


The Man in the Van

Daniel Norris lives out of his car. He’s also the #1 pitching prospect for the Toronto Blue Jays.

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The Public Life and Private Doubts of Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton wanted to be a civil rights leader in the mold of Martin Luther King, Jr. It hasn’t quite worked out that way.


An Undocumented Immigrant’s Dream Deferred

Javier Flores had hopes of a last-minute change in policy that would allow him to stay in Ohio with his wife and four kids, where he had a good job, a house, paid taxes. It didn’t come.


Going It Alone

Elias Pompa is the lone deputy in one of the poorest counties in Texas. He is also at the center of the U.S. border crisis.