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James Verini

14 articles

The War for Nigeria

How sectarian violence has made life in northern Nigeria “incomprehensibly frightful.”


Surviving Westgate

An inside account of the Nairobi mall attack.


The Tunnels of Gaza

Life and death in an underground economy.


Obama’s Deportation Two Step

How Obama’s immigration enforcement policies got away from him.


The Good Bad Son

A profile of Seif Qaddafi.


The Unquiet Life of Franz Gayl

The story of a Marine who saved innumerable lives, then got fired.


Arming the Drug Wars

American demand for drugs gave birth to the cartel war that is paralyzing Mexico, but American guns purchased legally across the Southwest and smuggled over the border have made it staggeringly lethal.


Will Success Spoil MySpace?

An artifact from the era when MySpace was king.


The Curious Case of Joseph and Nicholas Brooks

The father: an Oscar-winning songwriter. The son, a college dropout and partier around downtown New York. Their alleged crimes; serial casting-couch rape (the senior) and a drowning murder in a Soho House bathtub (the junior).


The Great Cyberheist

The prosecutor in the case of hacker turned F.B.I. informant (but still hacker) Albert Gonzales and his organization Shadowcrew : “The sheer extent of the human victimization caused by Gonzalez and his organization is unparalleled.”


D’Escoto Inferno

Sandinista, reverend, and president of the U.N. General Assembly.


Show Him the Money

A profile of Tom Donohue, CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the sixth-highest paid lobbyist in the country. Since Obama took office, Donohue has scared-up tens of millions in new donations.


Big Brother Inc.

Political races don’t run on ideas and grassroots activism–they run on voter databases. And no one has more voter data than Aristotle Inc., whose information has helped elect every president since Reagan.


Lost Exile

The rise and fall of The Exile, Russia’s angriest English-language newspaper.