Joshuah Bearman

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The Untold Story of Silk Road, Part 2: The Fall

First they found his server, then they found his name. But if they couldn’t catch him with his laptop open, the whole thing would fall apart.


The Untold Story of Silk Road (Part 1)

How Ross Ulbricht went from idealistic used-book seller to murderous drug kingpin.


An Investigation Into Xinjiang’s Growing Swarm of Great Gerbils

Tracking a rumored gerbil infestation through China’s bureaucracy.


Coronado High

How a group of hippie surfers and a former Spanish teacher built the largest weed-smuggling empire on the West Coast.

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The Great Escape

How the CIA used a fake science fiction film to sneak six Americans out of revolutionary Iran. The declassified story that became Ben Affleck’s Argo.


The Big Cigar

How Bert Schneider, a well-heeled Hollywood producer with a coke problem and a soft spot for radical politics, smuggled Huey Newton, the leader of the Black Panthers who was awaiting trial on a murder charge, into Cuba in 1974.


Art of the Steal

Gerald Blanchard, the world’s most ingenious thief, made his first swipe at age six. And he didn’t stop, robbing banks and stealing jewels around the world until a pair of obsessed Winnipeg cops took his case.