Posted on Aug 21, 2013

Longform Podcast #56: Joshuah Bearman

Joshuah Bearman is the co-founder of Epic Magazine and a freelance writer. His latest story is "Coronado High."

"People who know me well will realize that parts of this story are actually about me. … It's about loss of innocence and getting to a certain point in your life where you realize the excitement of youth is over. Life at a certain point gets complicated and there are consequences and things get hard. These are people who dealt with those consequences in a way that I never did — they had to go to prison or destroy their friends lives — but that's what I liked about this story. It's a true crime story, but it became universal when I realized that there is this emotional experience that these characters go through that anybody can relate to."

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Show notes:

  1. @JoshBearman
  2. Bearman on Longform
  3. [2:45] "Coronado High" (The Atavist • Aug 2013)
  4. [3:30] Excerpt of the GQ version of "Coronado High" (GQ • Jun 2013)
  5. [6:00] "The Great Escape" (Wired • Apr 2007)
  6. [14:00] Longform Podcast #11: Bearman discusses Argo
  7. [20:00] "Baghdad Country Club" (The Atavist • Jan 2012)
  8. [24:30] Epic Magazine
  9. [25:15] Longform Podcast #17: Joshua Davis
  10. [42:00] "The Gold Heist: A Third Interview with a Nuclear Physicist" (McSweeney's • Mar 2001)
  11. [43:15] "The Perfect Game" (Harper's • Jul 2008) [subscription required]
  12. [44:30] "It's Always a Good Idea to Get Some Manure on Your Boots" (The Believer • April 2004)
  13. [46:30] "Heaven's Gate: The Sequel" (L.A. Weekly • Mar 2007)