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Fiction Pick of the Week: "Peacetime"

An Iraq War veteran, now a paramedic, runs into trouble.

"I rewarded the man with another hit of naloxone, which made him even more alive, even less happy. Karen was busy with the gear, and I thought for sure that the coast was clear. It wasn’t. As soon as I put the note in my pocket, I saw the boy. He stood in the doorway, watching me with a basically impassive expression. He chewed his gum. He blew a splendid bubble."


The Impossible Refugee Boat Lift to Christmas Island

A pair of undercover journalists, a boatload of refugees, 200 miles of ocean and a journey that has claimed more than a thousand lives.


Which Way Did the Taliban Go?

As NATO leaves, the Afghan National Army grapples with a resilient Taliban.


The Scariest Little Corner of the World

Zaranj: the bloody border of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.


The Great Taliban Jailbreak

On the escape of hundreds of insurgents from Kandahar’s Sarposa Prison through a tunnel dug from the outside, and an unlikely suspect: the jail’s former warden.


The War Ends Here

Fighting to the finish in the most dangerous region of Afghanistan.


Bad Guys vs. Worse Guys in Afghanistan

Inside the Afghan Local Police, who are accused of killing and raping villagers, and are believed to be the United States’s last shot in Afghanistan.


A Beast in the Heart of Every Fighting Man

What if soldiers from ‘Kill Team’ (and others who have murdered innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq) aren’t simply the “few bad apples” that military writes them off as?