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Mark Bowden

14 articles

The Killing Machines

A briefing on drone warfare.


The Body in Room 348

Solving the mystery of the corpse in the Eleganté Hotel.


The Hunt for "Geronimo"

How Barack Obama decided to green-light the operation that killed Osama bin Laden.


The Man Who Broke Atlantic City

How Don Johnson won $15 million playing blackjack over a four-month period.


Echoes from a Distant Battlefield

The battle of Wanat—the most scrutinized engagement in the Afghanistan War—seen from three perspectives: a dead soldier, his father, and his commander.


The Hardest Job in Football

A profile of Bob Fishman, the impresario of CBS’s NFL production crew.


Among the Hostage-Takers

In 1979, a group of Iranian students stormed the U.S. embassy and held the entire American diplomatic mission hostage for fifteen months. Twenty-five years later, the students reflected on their actions, many with regret.


Jihadists in Paradise

A ragtag band of pirate-Jihadists grab Americans from a diving resort in the Phillipines and lead them on an odyssey through the jungles of an archipelago with the competing interests of the Phillipines’ Navy and Army, the U.S. Military, and the C.I.A. thwarting their rescue.


A Crime of Shadows

The cop says she nabbed an online sexual predator. He says he was just willing to chat whatever it took to get laid in real life. Their story, from both perspectives.


The Case of the Vanishing Blonde

"From the start, it was a bad case. A battered 21-year-old woman with long blond curls was discovered facedown in the weeds, naked, at the western edge of Miami, where the neat grid of outer suburbia butts up against the high grass and black mud of the Everglades."

The Salesman

A profile of Joe Biden, whose political stock has continued to rise even as his boss’s falls.


Tales of the Tyrant

The daily life of Saddam Hussein.


The Enemy Within

The Conficker ‘worm’ has replicated itself across tens of millions of computers. Only a few hundred people have the knowledge to recreate how, and no one (except its anonymous maker) fully understands why.


The Professor of War

David Petraeus, father of the surge and the uncontested “most competitive” man in the military.