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Nicholas Schmidle

8 articles

Crime Fiction

The story of Tryone Hood, who has served 21 years for a murder he didn’t commit, and the Chicago criminal justice apparatus that allowed a serial killer to go free.


In the Crosshairs

On decorated sniper Chris Kyle and the troubled young veteran who took his life.


Bring Up the Bodies

Kosovo’s leaders have been accused of grotesque war crimes. But can anyone prove it?


Disarming Viktor Bout

A profile of the world’s most notorious weapons trafficker.


Three Trials for Murder

An unexplainable murder, double jeopardy, and military courts: the strange case of Tim Hennis.


On the Trail of an Intercontinental Killer

A little after 9 a.m. on Sept. 15, 1990, the owner of a steel-products company pulled up to her office in Vinegar Hill, near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and spotted a black garbage bag sitting on the sidewalk out front. She parked her car and went to move the bag when she noticed it leaking blood. The woman called 911. Within the hour, Ken Whelan, a homicide detective from the 84th Precinct, peered into the bag. It was full of human body parts.

Getting bin Laden

The story of the Abbottabad raid, in detail.


Smuggler, Forger, Writer, Spy

A profile of Anas Aremeyaw, an investigative journalist in Ghana who’s willing to do anything–and pose as anyone–to get the story.


Inside the Knockoff-Tennis-Shoe Factory

The number one item confiscated by U.S. customs for four years in a row: fake shoes. As brands continue to crack down, counterfeiters continue to up their game.