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Patrick Radden Keefe

11 articles

The Hunt for El Chapo

How the world’s most notorious drug lord was captured.

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The challenges of establishing a legal marijuana economy in Washington State.


Buried Secrets

How a secretive Israel billionaire seized control of an untapped iron ore deposit beneath one of Africa’s poorest countries.


A Loaded Gun

The haunted past of Amy Bishop, a University of Alabama neurobiologist who shot six colleagues during a staff meeting.


I Spy

How amateur satellite aficionados track the U.S. government’s spy technology.


The Idol Thief

Inside one of the biggest antiquities-smuggling rings in history.


Cocaine, Inc.

How a Mexican drug cartel makes its billions.


Reversal of Fortune

Steven Donziger, an American lawyer, headed up a successful lawsuit against Chevron on behalf of Ecuadorans. Then the legal tables turned on him.


Welcome to Newburgh, Murder Capital of New York

How a town of 29,000 on the Hudson River came to be “one of the most dangerous four-mile stretches in the northeastern United States.”


The Trafficker

The amiable international arms dealer and the sting.


The Snakehead

Working from a tiny shop in Chinatown, Sister Ping helped thousands of Chinese immigrate illegally by boat. By the time one of her ships ran aground, the F.B.I estimated her total profits at $40 million.