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The Great Swiss Bank Heist

Hervé Falciani, a computer engineer working at HSBC, stole the bank’s list of secret accounts. But was he out to expose tax cheats or get rich himself? Perhaps both.

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The Avenger

Ken Dornstein’s older brother died when a bomb exploded on Pan Am Flight 103. For the past three decades, he’s been obsessed with identifying who’s really responsible.


The Worst of the Worst

A profile of Judy Clarke, who takes on the most heinous, notorious defendants in America, trying to save them from the death penalty. Until Dzokhar Tsarnaev, she usually succeeded.


The Hunt for El Chapo

How the world’s most notorious drug lord was captured.

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Where the Bodies Are Buried

Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein, denies that he was ever in the IRA. The murder of Jean McConville threatened to expose him as a liar.


The Empire of Edge

How a doctor and an S.A.C. trader got entangled in a financial scandal.



The challenges of establishing a legal marijuana economy in Washington State.


Buried Secrets

How a secretive Israel billionaire seized control of an untapped iron ore deposit beneath one of Africa’s poorest countries.


A Loaded Gun

The haunted past of Amy Bishop, a University of Alabama neurobiologist who shot six colleagues during a staff meeting.


I Spy

How amateur satellite aficionados track the U.S. government’s spy technology.


The Idol Thief

Inside one of the biggest antiquities-smuggling rings in history.


Cocaine, Inc.

How a Mexican drug cartel makes its billions.