Paul Krugman

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Gambling with Civilization

The economics of climate change and the end of humanity.


Getting Away with It

How Wall Street thoroughly dominated Obama’s economic policy.


White Collars Turn Blue

People know Krugman these days as a feisty political polemicist, but back when he was less politically engaged he was absolutely one of the very finest popularizers of economic ideas ever. This piece is a wonderful, brief introduction to the fundamental economic forces driving the world and a lot of my current thinking is preoccupied with the questions it raises. Reading it again, I realized that a point I like to make about the elevator being a great mass transit technology is almost certainly something I subconsciously picked up here.

-M. Yglesias


Can Europe Be Saved?

How the dream of the Euro became a nightmare.


Building a Green Economy

Paul Krugman breaks down the basics of climate change economics, from Arthur Cecil Pigou to Capitol Hill.