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Susan Dominus

8 articles

Addict. Informant. Mother.

"Caught between the dealers and the cops in Hazleton, Pa., is a woman with a bad habit."

Previously: Susan Dominus on the Longform Podcast.


Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead?

A profile of organizational psychologist Adam Grant, who argues that the key to success comes from helping others.


How Ina Drew Got Swallowed by the London Whale

JPMorgan Chase’s $6 billion mistake and the woman who took the fall.


French Women Worry About Getting Fat, Too

On Jenny Craig’s European expansion and how dieting differs in France and the States.


What Happened to the Girls in Le Roy

How a mysterious twitching epidemic overtook one Western New York town.


Could Conjoined Twins Share a Mind?

On the shared life of Tatiana and Krista Hogan:

[T]he girls’ doctors believe it is entirely possible that the sensory input that one girl receives could somehow cross that bridge into the brain of the other. One girl drinks, another girl feels it.