How Lifetime Became One Of The Best Places In Hollywood For Women

A history of the women’s television channel and its push to employ female writers and directors long before it became an issue in Hollywood.

Tuesday, April 19


The Graduate

On navigating the New York media world as a young journalist.

Monday, April 18


The Brilliant, Troubled Dorothy Parker

“The tragedy of Dorothy Parker, it seems to me, isn’t that she succumbed to alcoholism or died essentially alone. It was that she was too intelligent to believe that she had made the most of herself.”

Saturday, April 16


The Last Gentleman

George Trow’s Within the Context of No Context was a brilliant, scary vision of a cultural end-time. Then, having described it, he lived it, spiraling into madness.

Hear Ariel Levy discuss this article and more on the Longform Podcast.

Tuesday, March 29



Why ISIS is winning the social media war.

Brendan Koerner on the Longform Podcast

Thursday, March 24


The Comedian’s Comedian’s Comedian

A profile of Garry Shandling.



If Thrasher is Vogue for skaters, 53-year-old Jake Phelps is the sport’s Anna Wintour.

Tuesday, March 22


Up Against the Centerfold

What it was like to report on feminism for Playboy in 1969.

Wednesday, March 16


The Art of the Smear

A journalist on the troll who tried to destroy her.

Monday, March 14


The Last Lifestyle Magazine

How Kinfolk makes money while driving people crazy.

Friday, March 11


The Go-Between

Kate del Castillo, the actress who brought Sean Penn to Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, tells her side of the story.

Wednesday, March 9


Marcia Clark Is Redeemed

She was mocked for her clothes and for her hair. Tabloids published nude photos of her and covered her custody fight. The defense called her hysterical. The judge condescended to her. She lost. And then she became a punchline. Twenty years later, thanks in part to The People v. O.J. Simpson, Marcia Clark is finally being seen in full.