Thursday, August 27


Connor Goes to Hollywood

Chasing stardom in YouTube’s crowded universe.


Searching for Sugar Daddy

The men and the women of the transactional-love economy. “A thing you should know is that there are very few people to root for in this story.”

Monday, August 24


The Heirs

The three men vying to be the next publisher of the New York Times.

Thursday, August 20


How Black Reporters Report On Black Death

“What it means — for the reporting we do, for the brands we represent, and for our own mental health — that we don’t stop being black people when we’re working as black reporters. That we quite literally have skin in the game.”

Friday, August 7


My 51 Years (and Counting) at Fortune

A reporter’s memories from a half-century of covering business.

Carol Loomis on the Longform Podcast

Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”

On the front lines of a dating culture dominated by right and left swipes.

Thursday, August 6


Trump Solo

“Deep down, he wants to be Madonna.”

Monday, August 3


Hunting Rebecca Francis

The woman trophy hunter, notorious for her controversial “hero shot” beside a dead giraffe, profiled.

Saturday, August 1


Best of Enemies

The mutual hatred of Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley, Jr., punctuated by great insults like “crypto-Nazi.”

Wednesday, July 29


You May Know Me from Such Roles as Terrorist #4

Being a Muslim-American actor often means being really good at yelling “Allahu Akbar!” before someone kills you.

Tuesday, July 28


American Woman

The life of Kim Kardashian.

Sunday, July 26


Scooper Hero

The man who gets all the superhero scoops in Hollywood.