Tuesday, July 21


Cheating, Incorporated

On the adultery website AshleyMadison.com.

Sunday, July 19


"I Definitely Identify With That Murderer Thing, Where You Click Off"

On the controversial British newspaper columnist Katie Hopkins.

Tuesday, July 14


The Battle for the BBC

The broadcasting behemoth is up for a charter renewal in the United Kingdom, and it’s exposing every crack in the organization.


The Hard Truths of Ta-Nehisi Coates

On the modern era’s answer to James Baldwin.

Sunday, July 12


"That's What Happened Between Me and Clark"

Loretta Young, Clark Gable and the truth behind one of old Hollywood’s greatest scandals.

Sunday, July 5


Sexts, Hugs, and Rock 'N' Roll

Hanging out with a new celebrity class: the teen kings and queens of social media.

Sunday, June 21


The Mayor vs. the Mogul

Mike Bloomberg goes back to work.

Friday, June 19


Can Politico Make Brussels sexy?

A New York gossip reporter makes her way in the wilds of European bureaucracy.

Monday, June 8


Wow. ClickHole.

A trip to the writers’ room of The Onion spinoff, which started as a BuzzFeed parody but has morphed into something else: “the institutional voice of the Internet.”

Tuesday, April 21


Anchorman: The Legend of Don Lemon

The CNN anchor may not be the clueless bumbler the internet believes him to be.

Previously: Brodesser-Akner on the Longform Podcast.

Thursday, April 16



On Kendall Jenner, public versus private lives, and the American Dream.

Monday, April 13


Insider Baseball

Joan Didion versus the boys on the bus:

American reporters “like” covering a presidential campaign (it gets them out on the road, it has balloons, it has music, it is viewed as a big story, one that leads to the respect of one’s peers, to the Sunday shows, to lecture fees and often to Washington), which is one reason why there has developed among those who do it so arresting an enthusiasm for overlooking the contradictions inherent in reporting that which occurs only in order to be reported.