Monday, April 13


Insider Baseball

Joan Didion versus the boys on the bus:

American reporters “like” covering a presidential campaign (it gets them out on the road, it has balloons, it has music, it is viewed as a big story, one that leads to the respect of one’s peers, to the Sunday shows, to lecture fees and often to Washington), which is one reason why there has developed among those who do it so arresting an enthusiasm for overlooking the contradictions inherent in reporting that which occurs only in order to be reported.

Sunday, April 5


The Cousins Karamazov

David Simon and Richard Price, two of the greatest crime storytellers of our time, talk about their craft.


The Master Writer of the City

Joseph Mitchell used composites in his non-fiction, invented characters and added flourishes to his facts. Does it matter?

Wednesday, April 1


I Followed My Stolen iPhone Around the World, Became a Celebrity in China, and Found a Friend for Life

“None of this should have ever happened. It makes absolutely no sense at all. It’s truly crazy.”

Monday, March 16


Charles Bowden’s Fury

The lingering psychological effects of being one of the greatest crime reporters of all time.

Monday, March 9


(Actually) True War Stories at NBC News

It’s a mess inside the network – and Brian Williams may still come out on top.

Tuesday, February 24


How Crazy Am I to Think I Actually Know Where that Malaysia Airline Plane Is?

“Okay,” I said. “What do you think is the percentage chance that I’m right?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “Five percent?”


Hoax: Secrets That Truman Capote Took to the Grave

Uncovering the real story behind Capote’s Hand-Carved Coffins.

Monday, February 16


The Cabaret Beat

The article that kept the New Yorker alive was written by a debutante. Who happened to be married to Irving Berlin.

Saturday, February 14


How The New York Times Works

They’re still printing it on paper.

Friday, February 13

Sunday, February 8


Who Killed the Gangster’s Daughter?

The life and mysterious death of writer Susan Berman.