Saturday, March 15


Mr. Bad News

A profile of New York Times obituary writer Alden Whitman.

Tuesday, March 11


My Life and Times in Chinese TV

A surprising trip into the propaganda machine.

Monday, March 10


Where the Wild Things Go Viral

Inside BuzzFeed’s adorable animal machine.

Friday, February 28


Deal Me Out

Andrew Ross Sorkin’s intimate coverage of Wall Street.

Monday, February 24


How Much My Novel Cost Me

An essay on how to turn a sizable book advance into a sizable debt.

Sunday, February 23


Playboy Interview: Gawker's Nick Denton

PLAYBOY: Is it possible you set a lower value on privacy than most people do?

DENTON: I don't think people give a fuck, actually.

Wednesday, February 19


36 Hours On The Fake Campaign Trail With Donald Trump

Over the course of 25 years, he’s repeatedly toyed with the idea of running for president and now, maybe, governor of New York. With all but his closest apostles finally tired of the charade, even the Donald himself has to ask, what’s the point? On the plane and by the pool with the man who will not be king.


Seduced and Abandoned

The dissolution of Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng’s marriage amidst evidence of her affairs with Tony Blair and Eric Schmidt.

Friday, February 14


Cheating, Incorporated

On the adultery website

Tuesday, February 11


The Patron and the Panhandler

Fifty years after Joseph Mitchell published "Joe Gould's Secret" in The New Yorker, one last question about Gould—the identity of his anonymous benefactor—is answered.

Saturday, February 8


The Last Gentleman

George Trow’s Within the Context of No Context was a brilliant, scary vision of a cultural end-time. Then, having described it, he lived it, spiraling into madness.

Hear Ariel Levy discuss this article and more on the Longform Podcast.

Monday, February 3


In Conversation: Lorne Michaels

An inteview with the Saturday Night Live producer.

Previously: The Longform Guide to SNL.